About Fine Food Royal

About Fine Food Royal

Fine Food Royal has existed since 2015 and sells its treasures in the Munich area and to selected customers throughout Germany and Europe. However, this website has only been in existence since 2019.

A little story about Fine Food Royal

I’ve been interested in good food since I was a kid. It was always important to have a good kitchen and my parents tried new recipes and ingredients again and again. Gradually, I was allowed to taste the dishes and bring my own ideas.

I also developed a fondness for fine dining and wanted an invitation to selected restaurants for birthdays and Christmas. Since that time, the good and the special have not let me go.

During my studies I had the opportunity to try specialties such as caviar or saffron imported directly from Iran through friends. Over time, friends and acquaintances got Spitz that you can get saffron of very special quality with me… So Fine Food Royal slowly took shape.

What sets us apart

As a sole proprietor, I am responsible for all matters. You can write me an email or call me directly and have a competent contact person at your hand! The short distances allow me to react quickly to your wishes, suggestions or criticism. I would be happy to get in touch with you directly.
So do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

How to select the products

If I try something and am not immediately enthusiastic about it, then I don’t include it in my assortment. All products I have been allowed to try at trade fairs or have been recommended to me by friends and acquaintances. It is therefore also a pleasure for me to be able to share my passion for good food and also these pearls with others.

Let yourself be surprised by new products in the range. Currently, dates from Algeria are a hot candidate!

That's what I indulge in - what does it mean?

This slogan is intended to express different ideas.

On the one hand, that food should always be a bit more than just satisfying hunger. The process of eating appeals to many senses.
The sense of smell that often causes the water in our mouths to converge even before the first bite.

The great look – eye eats with – and last but not least the taste. There are unlimited ways ingredients can be combined. Every day you can discover a new one. Experience this with all your senses, to be always surprised by new combinations and nuances of taste.

That’s what I’m meant to be.
It is also said that these are not cheap ingredients. It is not for nothing that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and caviar is synonymous with luxury. In this sense, it is

So I also mean that you deserve to do something good to do something good for a great experience.

Jonas Rügemer

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