FFR, Categories, Product Image, Saffron
FFR, Categories, Product Image, Saffron

Saffron Negin

10,00  *


Fine Food Royals Saffron Negin is the crown of saffron quality.

Just as unique in taste as Safran Sargol, it has extra long, wonderfulred threads in comparison.
This is a hand-picked selection of the saffron threads.

A few threads are enough to give your food that certain something!
In order to achieve absolute purity, only the longest red threads are used for our saffron Negin.
That’s what makes this saffron strain so extraordinary and valuable.
Our saffron Negin has a coloring power of more than 250 usp. and is thus conducted in accordance with ISO 3632 in level 1. Saffron Negin refines your food with its unique flavor and a wonderful golden yellow colour scheme.

  • Extra long saffron threads
  • Only a few threads needed per dish
  • Intense aroma
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